Reliability and availability for your data center

Picture high data center security

We guarantee round-the-clock monitoring of the operating conditions in your data center. Your IT is very important to your company, and so we secure and protect it to ensure that it is available to you at all times.

Data center security – advantages at a glance

  • Flood-proof construction method
  • BITKOM or BSI-level availability
  • 24/7 monitoring

Risk management and data center security

Our data centers are equipped with the latest technology, offering BITKOM or BSI-level availability – all based on your requirements.
Telekom Housing Facilities Management only offers flood-proof buildings for your data center.
Availability is no longer simply a matter of technology. Being prepared for an emergency also requires a comprehensive level of organization. This includes, for example, having service personnel on hand, maintaining a supply of replacement parts, providing 24/7 monitoring, and maintaining a supply of replacement fuel.
Our buildings always have sufficient diesel reserves and well-maintained emergency generators in order to avoid power outages. There are generally several days’ worth of diesel reserves, in order to allow critical data to be secured for longer periods of time.



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