Stuttgart North Data Center

In the north of Stuttgart

Property location

Picture Building data center Stuttgart-North

The property is located in the north of Stuttgart. The location is easily accessible via the B10/B27 and B296 roadways. The distance to the inner city is 4 km.
The surrounding area is marked by office buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings.
The area around the low pass known as the Pragsattel (Prag saddle) is flanked by the Theaterhaus Stuttgart (Stuttgart theater house), the Mercedes-Benz Bank, and the Robert-Bosch Hospital.
It enjoys excellent transportation connections, and parking at the property itself.

  • Journey time by car to the nearest train station: 10 min.
  • Journey time by car to the A8 Autobahn: 18 min.
  • Journey time by car to the A81 Autobahn: 11 min.
  • Journey time by car to Stuttgart Airport: 30 min.
  • Distance to the subway: 200 m

Stuttgart North Colocation

We provide open spaces at a Deutsche Telekom AG property at our Stuttgart North location. The minimum space that can be ordered is 50 m².
This site is a Deutsche Telekom technical building that is in active use. Adequate parking is available. The building is optimally developed (fiber optics and copper lines). It was built as a data center and is thus ideally suited for the housing of IT technology. The building consists of two parts that are connected with each other in the individual levels. The combined space is ideally suited to securely accommodating your complete data center.

Picture room in data center Stuttgart-North
Picture room in data center Stuttgart-North

2 rooms at 83.5 m² each


  • F90 walls
  • Ceiling height approx. 400 cm
  • Door width approx. 140 cm
  • Raised floor (10 kN/m², height 50 cm, post construction)
  • Controlled access to the property via person separation system
  • 24/7 access
  • Parking spaces

A/C and fire protection

  • Air conditioning 20°–25°C, N+1 with 130 kW
  • Humidity 10–75%
  • Temperature difference between supply and exhaust air: 10 K
  • Hot and cold aisle arrangement
  • Air supply via raised floor
  • Fire early detection system + fire alarm
  • Argon fire extinguishers

Power Supply

  • 500 kVA transformer
  • N+1 redundant UPS 230/400 V with bridging time of 10 min.
  • UPS module with sep. battery blocks
  • Battery rooms in separate fire compartment
  • 630 kVA emergency standby power systems
  • Building services systems are monitored around the clock via a central detection system
  • A-B supply lines

Picture floor plan data center Stuttgart-North



Jörn Krinelke
Jörg Pfeffer