Secure locations – in your immediate vicinity

Picture data center locations all over Germany

Data centers in Germany: With more than 4,000 locations at Telekom properties, we have the ability to submit an offer that suits your needs within a 50 km radius of almost any location in Germany. We can also find suitable data center space for you in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne, as well as in Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Leipzig, Hanover, Nuremberg and Bochum. Our properties are specifically equipped for use as data centers and thus offer the best physical and technical conditions.


  • Inexpensive thanks to our rental model
  • No capital commitment
  • Nationwide presence
  • Optimal network connection with high bandwidth
  • Realization of a customized data center solution within a short time frame
  • Experience from the realization of more than 200 data centers

You receive the most secure conditions for your servers in terms of air conditioning, power supply, security and fire protection. We offer you the latest technologies, continuity, and absolute reliability. Working alongside our strong partners, T-Systems and Intel, we occupy a leading position in the areas of data center efficiency and effectiveness.

Picture Colocation locations near by the client

Our example locations

Stuttgart North

  • Size: 2 Rooms á 83,5 m²
  • Journey time by car to the Autobahn A8: 18 min / A81: 11 min
  • Raised floor

Core & shell – your data center around the corner

We have the right space, you determine everything else!

Design the build-out of your future data center independently, freely, and flexibly.
We provide you with flexible design elements such as technical spaces with the entire infrastructure and complete building services.
Features of our buildings: reinforced concrete walls (F90), emergency standby power system, ring feed-in, and immediate proximity to the carriers.

Our selection of locations encompasses all of Germany. We can provide you with the space you need in a wide variety of sizes within a 50 km radius of almost any location in Germany.
This gives you the opportunity to work with us as you plan, build, and operate your own customized data center . All of this is done according to your specific requirements – with no compromises – and the space is move-in ready within 4 months.

Frankfurt, 164m²

  • Enclosed, monitored room of at least 30 m² with access control system for 19" racks
  • 24/7 access
  • Maximum security standard
  • Separate fire compartment (F-90)
  • Operating and security parameters can be custom configured
  • Raised floor, height of 30–70 cm, load-carrying capacity of 500–1,000 kN/m², depending on location
  • Wall rating of F-90
  • No water-conducting pipes in the data center areas



Jörn Krinelke
Jörg Pfeffer