Redundant power supply in the data center

Picture power supply in data center

Fail-safe power supply in the data center.

In addition to network connectivity and air conditioning, the power supply is also of great importance when running a data center. Since high availability is important for smooth operation, a continuous and reliable power supply must be guaranteed. This can be accomplished using mutually independent power sources.

As early as the planning phase, we will come to firm decisions with you on the procurement, availability, scalability, and redundancy of the data center power supply.

We will provide an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that corresponds to your availability requirements. We will work with you to customize the redundancy of your emergency diesel generators, establishing the number and size of the emergency diesel generators. Our emergency diesel load goes up to 2.5 MW.

A fuel reserve sufficient for several days can be stored.

Fail-safe data centers
All of the Telekom Facility’s IT areas have adequate connections to the power supply and air conditioning . In addition to this, all areas are equipped with features relevant to security and fire protection.



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