Air conditioning: comfortable temperature in the data center

Picture air-conditioning in data center

The secure operation of IT systems depends on the climate to which they are exposed.
Excessively high ambient temperatures, humidity, or even dust particles can cause serious damage to IT systems, and even total failure. Optimal conditions are a prerequisite for efficient and durable systems.
Our redundant data center air conditioning provides the perfect conditions for your IT systems. The ultra-modern air conditioning technology is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Stable room temperature, controlled humidity, and cooling in the colocation center
    We use central and decentralized cooling systems with re-circulated air operation N+1. Either direct or indirect water cooling is possible. We provide humidity and leakage monitoring. Room temperatures are in the 20 - 25°C range at a relative humidity of 25 - 75% or 35 - 50%, depending on the climate model.
  • The whole air-conditioning system has centralized, 24/7 supervision. A sophisticated monitoring system constantly provides the necessary control points and instantly raises the alarm if a deviation occurs.

Advantages of efficient data center air conditioning at a glance:

  • Cooling rating of up to 1.5 kW per square meter, even more in hotspots
  • Backup cooling systems
  • Environmentally friendly air conditioning
  • 24/7 monitoring of the room parameters with humidity and leakage monitoring



Jörn Krinelke
Jörg Pfeffer