Customized data center

Picture Individual planning of data centers

So you want a data center that meets your expectations and requirements? And you want it without tying up capital, without bearing the risk involved in the construction work, and without the worry that your data center may no longer meet your requirements at a later point in time?

Property description:

  • Our properties are centrally located, in direct proximity to transportation routes, major cities, and important data transmission routes

  • Possible customized connection to various data transmission routes

  • Dedicated medium voltage power supply (transformer), independent power supply (emergency standby power system), uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

  • Customized planning and renovation of the areas

Then we are the right partner to help you implement your plans.
We offer customized solutions for housing and colocation. We build, realize, and operate data centers according to your needs.
In the process, we are happy to take account of your expectations and desires and offer a powerful and fail-safe IT infrastructure within your personalized data center.
As part of Deutsche Telekom, we are able to offer you properties all across Germany. They are specifically equipped for use as data centers and thus offer the best physical and technical conditions. You receive the most secure conditions for your servers in terms of air conditioning , power supply , security , and fire protection. We offer you the latest technologies, continuity, and absolute reliability. Working alongside our strong partners, T-Systems and Intel, we occupy a leading position in the areas of data center efficiency and effectiveness.
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Everything at a glance: “My data center, around the corner”

Sample data center equipment:

  • Optional: Individuelle Modelle zur Reduzie
  • Resistance class RC 3|4 365|24|7
  • Unlimited possibilities for use
  • Data center as a separate fire compartment | Fire-resistance rating F 90
  • RC 2|3 safety doors
  • Security door system
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Electronic access control system (multi-level)
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire early detection system
  • Raised floor as control center floor | Load-carrying capacity 20 kN/m² | Point load 5 kN/m²
  • Busbars with outlet boxes in the raised floor for customized connection of customer’s own racks
  • Data transmission routes above the racks
  • Optional: customized models for the reduction of energy consumption, enabling PUE values < 1.5
Power supply in the data center:
  • Medium voltage supply from 10 kV ring of the electricity provider

  • Transformer station/TN-S network

  • Independent power supply as fixed emergency standby power system/fuel reserve minimum 48 hours

  • Possible feed-in/feed-out for a mobile emergency standby power system

  • Uninterruptible power supply (N+1 or N+N, depending on cluster)

Air conditioning and climate control system:
  • Innovative air conditioning technology and advanced backup energy systems guarantee maximum stability

  • Central/decentralized cooling systems in recirculated-air operation N+1

  • Direct/indirect water cooling possible

  • Humidity and leakage monitoring

  • Air temperatures 20°–25°C

  • Relative humidity depending on air conditioning model 25–75%/35–50%



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